Covered Bridge Map

Interactive maps of the authentic covered bridges around the world

About me and this site

I photographed my first covered bridge in 1994 on a trip to New Hampshire. It was the Durgin Bridge near Sandwich.

Durgin Covered Bridge Durgin Covered Bridge, Sandwich, New Hampshire

A year later a job opportunity that I "couldn't refuse" moved my wife and I to New Hampshire. The job didn't work out so well, but I've loved exploring and photographing New Hampshire and New England ever since, with covered bridges a favorite subject.

Cilleyville Covered Bridge Cilleyville Covered Bridge, Andover, New Hampshire

Like most people I used various printed maps and guide books to find the bridges. Sometimes that worked okay, other times it was frustrating. Planning a day trip was a tedious and error-prone process.

This site started with an interactive map of the bridges of my home state for my own use, then grew to cover all of New England. By then I was on a roll so decided to do all of the United States. (I had no idea there were almost 1000 authentic covered bridges still standing in the U.S.. Getting through Ohio and Pennsylvania was particularly tough.)

Most recently I added Canada, Norway and Sweden.

Simpson Creek Covered Bridge Simpson Creek Covered Bridge, Bridgeport, West Virginia

I released the site to the public in March 2010 and the feedback has been great. I'm thrilled that others found my little tool useful.

Columbia Covered Bridge Columbia Covered Bridge, Columbia, New Hampshire

I hope you too find this site useful. Please feel free to send me comments and suggestions from the Contact page.